How To Play

What’s The Difference is a mobile app devoted to finding that proverbial needle in the haystack. Each level consists of two (2) pictures. Each picture displays the same setting, but there are subtle differences that you must pinpoint by touching the inconsistency on your screen.

Points are given based on how fast you can find every discrepancy. The faster you find them all, the more points you earn. The in-app virtual store has several options :┬áRowboat Of Lifelines, Tugboat Of Lifelines, Freighter Of Lifelines, Ocean Liner Of Lifelines and Unlimited Everything. There are also free goodies that you can earn by social sharing your results on Twitter, watching a Video or Following the What’s The Difference Twitter feed.

We hope that our database of Spot It Cheats will help you on your quest towards successfully completing each level. Feel free to leave us questions or comments on any of the What’s The Difference Cheats level pages. Thanks for visiting!

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Spot It Answers

Master sleuthers unite! What's The Difference is a mobile app that is taking the planet by storm! It's a new spin on the classic bar game Photo Hunt. All you have to do is find the differences in the two photos. As you move through each level, the difficulty gets more intense. When you have trouble looking for the inconsistencies, Spot It Answers is here to save the day. Some of these puzzles are so intricate, even we had a hard time finding them all. Keep yourself in the flow of the game by using the #1 website for all of your Whats The Difference Answers.